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How to increase the visibility of an online store using SEO promotion


Considering that your site is attached to your business, successfulsearch engine optimizationwill bring this result: getting the desired growing traffic; growing fame about your business; increase in buyers; as a result - an increase in profits.

Benefits of SEO Optimization

In order to attract more potential visitors to your online store, the latter must have an appropriate rating for search engines. You should also understand how people use search engines so that your site is in the first position as a result of their queries relevant to the content of your site.Search enginesapply rankings by comparing the relevance of a webpage to the search query used. If you manage to make your online store (including textual descriptions of goods, categories, characteristics of a particular position, etc.) more relevant to your customer's needs compared to other online stores, you will have a better chance of being at the top of search results .

The behavior of potential site visitors and keywords

As with traditional marketing, improving search engine ranking begins with an understanding of your customer’s behavior. When a client starts searching for the right product, service and other information on the Internet, one should take into account his knowledge of what he is looking for. If a person is not well versed in the object that he is looking for, he can introduce more generalized queries that are related to high-frequency ones. As you search, a person can learn more about the information of interest (product, service, etc.) and enter more refined queries into the search line, which can already be classified as low-frequency. As a rule, based on the results of low-frequency queries, the user finds what he needs and uses a particular website, realizing that he has got to where he needs to. Thus, by analyzing user behavior, you can build a strategy for ranking your site in search results with relevant user requests. In this case, you can create keywords in meta tags and other specially designated website mechanisms that interact with the search engine. Given the keywords of your site, the search engine will rank its position in the search results accordingly.

Conversion and increase of its value

You can also say about the conversion, which is determined by the ratio of the number of users who performed the desired actions for the site owner with the total number of site visitors. For example, the ratio of the number of users who bought a product, ordered a service, etc., by the number of general users for a fixed time. There are many actions to increase conversions. To do this, SEO specialists can contribute to the creation of a more convenient design, special messages and pictures on a web resource that attract the user's attention and increase the likelihood of performing targeted actions for the site owner by users.

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