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How to optimize the costs of contextual advertising

Advertising is the main way to attract new consumers, so the cost of it is constantly growing. But often increased campaign budgets are not a necessity, but simply the misuse of available resources. There are several recommendations that will help you to set up pay per click advertising campaign in your company correctly, and you will not spend money on irrelevant channels.

Cut off what doesn't work

If you spend about 100 thousand on 20 orders, the cost of one client is 5 thousand rubles. This is quite a lot, it is possible only with the sale of luxury goods. After all, if each order costs less than 5 thousand, you work in minus. Therefore, be sure to consider the cost of attracting a client for each channel and request and cut off what does not work. Spending money on it does not make sense, even if others make a profit.

Use cheap indirect queries

Great competition only in those queries that are obvious to the buyer and seller. Be smart and customize ads in other niches that are appropriate for your product. For example, expensive perfumes can be advertised on the request “what to give to the wife”, and cool gadgets - on the topic “what to give to the husband”.

Study your target audience and offer products only to her

Lack of proper targeting is the most serious mistake, especially for regional business. For example, if you sell cars in Novosibirsk, why do you need customers from Moscow? If someone wants to order a specific model from you, pay for distillation, etc., he will find you like that. But most people prefer to take goods in their city: faster, cheaper. This means that by setting a restriction on the city, you significantly reduce costs and lose nothing.

You can also:

  •    cut off an insolvent audience by age;
  •    cut off uninterested - by sex;
  •    search for an interested audience of interests (especially relevant for social networks).

Yes, targeting to some extent also cuts off people who, in theory, could place an order with you. In practice, the cost of attracting them is too high - it is not profitable for you.

Even the three cost optimization methods described above can significantly increase the effectiveness of your advertising while maintaining a budget.

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